Parasites And Preventative Benefits In Pets

grey long haired cat receiving a spot on tick and flea treatment

Parasites are nasty, dangerous, harbour diseases and cause discomfort.

So let’s have a quick look at the power of prevention, because parasites are gross; and as the famous saying goes – prevention is better than cure after all .



Ticks can cause a MULTITUDE of diseases in pets and humans, of which the most well known is Biliary – aka Bosluiskoors – aka super eeuw – aka no thanks.


Ah, and then we have fleas. The most widespread issue caused by these wingless monstrosities is flea bite dermatitis. This can lead to intense itching, severe scratching and hair detaching – EINA! 

But brace yourselves, these ecto-rebels have an extensive rap sheet, much longer than a giraffe’s neck – they can cause hot spots and internal complications like anemia and tapeworms too!

Ja, that’s also enough to make me CRINGE from the inside out.


And then we have worms. Common intestinal worms found in pets include Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms and again Tapeworms. They can cause malnutrition, weight loss, vomiting, anemia and dreadful diarrhea.  

But besides making our pets very sick, many of these parasites can wriggle their way into our lives as well.

For example, Roundworms can cause Visceral Larva Migrans with possible blindness; and Hookworms can cause a skin disorder known as Creeping Eruption – enough said.

So PLEASE do protect your two- and four-legged family by deworming the group every 3 months. For your two-legged family, speak to your pharmacist about suitable options. 




By using a CAT and DOG ticks-be-gone preventative treatment, you can help to reduce your pet’s risk of Canine Ehrlichiosis (chronic Ehrlichiosis can be fatal) and Bosluiskoors. 

Continuing with tick & flea treatments throughout the year is the way to go for the ultimate protection and prevention. 


Many pets are allergic to flea saliva, that can trigger allergies, itching and scratching. Relentless scratching then of course can lead to hot spots and skin irritations.

SO send these unwanted guests packing by using CAT and DOG flea treatments. If your pet has fallen victim to irritated pet skin though, try using MEDICATED and/or SOOTHING pet shampoos at bathtime. Feeding them skincare-specific FOOD is also never a bad idea – just saying.

But it’s not enough to JUST treat our fur-babies, since fleas do love a good getaway. Their preferred vacation destination happens to be OUR HOMES!

90% of these holidaymakers hitch-hike a ride on your pet’s back, before jumping off.

So use a FLEA SHAMPOO to help guarantee for a bumpy and unpleasant ride, along with  ULTRUM ENVIRONMENT SPRAY to spritz on carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding to crevices in the floor. 

Overkill? I think not – don’t forget that fleas carry Tapeworms nè. 

9 out of 10 skin conditions are caused by environmental factors. PLEASE consult your vet if the scratch-scratch-hair-detach continues in your home, after you’ve eliminated ticks and fleas as a cause. 


And yes, again – using a CAT and DOG flea preventative can help reduce your pet’s risk of Tapeworms.

To restrain other members of the intestinal gang from worming their way into your lives, invest in vet-recommend CAT and DOG dewormers. By deworming your fur-children on a regular basis, you prevent these voracious villains and peckish parasites from grabbing a foothold.

When worms do get the upper hand though – your vet may recommend more regular and intensive treatments – and that sounds expensive. Hmm – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – am I right?

It’s also vital to keep cat litter boxes clean and make sure dog droppings are picked up daily please.


By providing your pets with a monthly parasite treatment, you are providing yourself with a sanitary home, your pet with a healthy body and your family with a wholesome life.

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