Pet Spring Cleaning Tips And Tools To Use This Season

small breed brown and white dog being splashed by a sprinkler's water

Yes – spring cleaning our pets and homes is crucial, because we all know pet hair, bugs, stains and foul smells can dampen that jolly mood.


Litter trays, pet beds and favourite hangouts are potential breeding grounds for unpleasant bugs. So scrubbing and spring cleaning these are a must.

Use specialized pet HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS to disinfect and remove mud, stains and blemishes from rugs to runners, tiles to wooden floors.

For small pets, give those HUTCHES a good clean and replace the PET BEDDING in their cages too.


Let’s not forget, springtime is the perfect time for ticks and fleas to head outdoors! So needless to say – don’t forget those tick and flea treatments for both DOGS and CATS.

And remember to control that flea creepy-crawly situation within your home too, because these goggatjies just love to party it up all over the place. The ULTRUM ENVIRONMENT SPRAY is easy to use and sanitizes carpets, furniture, kennels to crevices in your floors.


Brushing is everything. Invest in DOG, CAT and SMALL PET grooming tools to rid your pets from excess hair and rid yourself from future frustration.

De-shed the group once a day during the peak shedding season and if pet hair does end up on your clothing, carpet, face and furniture – give it a quick swipe with an effective HAIR REMOVAL TOOL.

And need I even mention, a clean pet is after all every pet parent’s dream – so foam up the fun with DOG, CAT and SMALL PET shampers to wash away mud and more loose pet hair to aid that potential shedding crises.

Of course, and this is vital – when removing mats and tangles, be gentle – just never ever evuurr brush in a rush … hmm kay.

NEVER use human / baby shampoo.


Lingering smells and stains in you living space? Use ePETstore’s very effective range of DEODORIZERS to remove all those nasties on your carpets, fabric and more.

Keep litter trays as fresh as can be with LITTER FRESHENERS.

You can also spritz and spray unwanted odours away with an antibacterial room deodorizer like ENVIROFRESH. It doesn’t mask the smell, it actually removes it and that’s pretty cool, I know.

And then of course COAT DEODORIZERS work well as temporary solutions to keep our pets clean, until their next bath.


Spring is sensational and with these easy steps you can swing open the doors and fling open the windows this flower season!


We’d LOVE to hear about your pet spring cleaning tips, tools and secrets. Leave your comment in the section below ↓ ↓ ↓

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