5 Ways To Spoil Your Cat This Valentine’s Day

If you’re single or in a relationship – Valentine’s Day can be daunting.

But let’s get real for a second, being a cat-parent is not emotionally taxing at all! Because they fill our lonely laps, make us laugh uncontrollably and most importantly – they teach us how to be independent and fabulous. 

Obviously our fabulous felines don’t offer these services of affection for free. So pay your debt and spoil your cat this February 14th ♥.


Diamonds may last forever, but cat toys indeed do not. So do indulge them by replacing those worn-out, gross-looking and chewed-up toys under your couch.

Of course needless to say, nearly all cats adore catnip. So why not let them start the year on a HIGH note with some legendary CATNIP CAT TOYS. Always on the cheaper side and thoroughly loved by most.

♥    TREAT

Wet food is awesome, but so are these: HEALTHY CENTRES CAT TREATS, the KITTY CRUNCH TREATS and the MEOWMORE MEAT STICKS. My sassy Sphynx adores the SHEBA CAT TREATS and it might just leave your cat in awe too ♥.

♥    PLAY

Even though most cats only appreciate 5 seconds of our time, this Valentine’s Day might just be the excuse they were waiting for to push it to 10. Let them bask in some interactive fun and what better way to get the party started than with super-duper entertaining CAT WANDS!

If you’re the cat-parent to an introvert, you can just leave them be with a sensational CAT SCRATCHER that they can enjoy and call their own. 

♥    LEARN

Cats may indeed flaunt nine awe-inspiring lives – but that’s no excuse to leave them uneducated for the first four. The POCKET POND and CAT ALONE might just be the reason your cat praises you this year –  these are 2 mobile apps to rock your cat’s world and are totes free and available on Android.

If you have uncapped data at home, have a look at YouTube for incredible videos to entertain your cat with – my favourite YouTube channel, appropriately named VIDEOS FOR YOUR CAT is visually stunning and full of tranquil videos of the most amazing fish.

Not a fan of technology? Let them play with the CHEESE CHASER, CATNIP CHASER or the 3-in-1 CAT CIRCUIT – all are mentally stimulating, physically entertaining and full of pure awesomeness.

♥    LOVE

Naps are what cats do best. Show some ♥ LOVE ♥ and provide them with additional / new CAT BLANKETS / BEDS. Because ja, we’re all going to blink and winter will be at our doorsteps too.

Charles Dickens once said, “what greater gift than the love of a cat” and I couldn’t agree more. So give a little back and spoil your cat during the awesome month of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’d LOVE to hear how you spoiled your fabulous feline on Valentine’s Day. Leave your comment in the section below ↓ ↓ ↓

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