Pets and lockdown … sjoe … being cooped-up is reason enough to drive any Homo Sapien, Canis Lupus Familiaris and Felis Catus mad.

Already feeling a little delarius? Then you probably need to read this article.

Chin up though – keeping yourself, your dog and your cat sane during social distancing is much easier than you might think.


Is there anything more gross than stale air? I’m sluggish just thinking about it.

Even though we are forced to crack down on outside time, that’s no excuse not to crack open a window … or to pop into the garden with your pets to stretch those legs. 

According to James LeDuc, an expert on viruses and the director of the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch “we don’t think that aerosol transmission is a big threat, and it’s especially not the case in your home”.

Soooo there you have it.  Fresh air is just what our pets need during lockdown – and trust us, they’ll most certainly thank you.


Okay, back indoors. Make inside time quality time by brushing, washing, cuddling, loving and massaging your fabulous fur-children.

It’s great for bonding and of course to rid them from unwanted loose hair, because lockdown is no reason to let self-respect fly out that freshly cracked window, am I right? 


An almost foolproof way to always keep those spirits up, are interactive pet toys.

Now is the perfect time for those unused cat wands to shine. Why not rediscover those old toys that were long forgotten under the living room couch?

You can even make new toys, it’s not like you don’t have the time. Here is the most amazing ARTICLE to help you do just that.


The ever popular game of tug is still very much in style, mentally and physically stimulating; AND a truly fabulous way to keep them occupied for hours on end. Did I even mention it also helps ensure for a glorious long nap afterwards? Never say never …

A game of fetch in the house with a plush toy or an old sock is always such a treat too. Just try not to trash the furniture. 

Another great game to give a go is the classic which hand game. This super fun activity puts your curious canine’s scenting ability to the test and all you need to get started is a dog treat.

Simply place the treat into one of your hands, close your fists and place both closed-fists in front of your dog. Let your dog choose in which hand they believe their reward to be in. If they choose the correct hand, give them the treat – oh how nobody has the time to NOT be rewarded for hard work. Don’t tease.

If your dog chooses incorrectly, remember it takes a few tries to catch on. Keep your enthusiasm at an all time high so that they do not become discouraged.

I recommend using a LOW CALORIE DOG TREAT, because stuffing their stomachs will probably take the fun out of everything, including life.


Put days and days of inside time to good use and teach them a new trick or two. Have a look at this ARTICLE for some not-so-tricky pet trick ideas that are loads and loads of fun. 


Bust out your culinary skills and bake some homemade and mouth-watering pet treats. Have a look at this delightful DOG RECIPE and this super easy and casual CAT RECIPE for some kitchen guidance. Let’s just say you’ll leave the entire neighbourhood jealous and wanting.


Perhaps not considered a fun activity, I understand – but do you know what is really NOT fun? – dehydration. Bleh.

Do make sure your pet drinks enough water, since water is life.


Just jokes – we’re on lockdown remember? This activity will have to wait until the ban on public movement has been lifted. 


Sanity aside, bored pets tend to become destructive pets as well, thus it truly is vital to try and keep them entertained and content. 

Jhumpa Lahiri said “isolation offered its own form of companionship”, so take courage. It’s all going to be okay and this too shall pass.

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