Our Must-Have Pet Winter Warmers

Tackle colder days, chilly months and winter with these 5 must-have pet winter warmers.

They’re affordable, loved by pets and adored by pet-parents too. Let’s have a peeky-boo:

Tackle colder days, chilly months and winter with these 5 must-have pet winter warmers.


A definite top on our pet winter warmers’ list – investing in thermal, comfortable and woolly PET CLOTHES.

Great for cats without fur or with short fur, who also love to strut their stuff on their catwalks of life. 


Upgrade those chewed up and worn out pet beds with a brand new, sophisticated and super soft DOG and CAT BED for them to cherish.

From orthopedic beds, waterproof beds, gigantic dogs beds to snug cat nooks – we have it all and you can too!


Wrap them in a cocoon of comfort with our range of delightfully fluffy, fleecy, woolly, fuzzy, shaggy, hairy, velvety, furry and soft PET BLANKETS.

All are pet-hair resistant of course, so what do you have to lose? Not your sanity.


Say YES to DRY PET SHAMPOO for a fast, warm and tolerable wash.

This product is perfect for water scarce areas, stunning for pets who hate bath time and ideal for winter to avoid lukewarm too.


Do yourself a massive favour by keeping all the warm air inside, even when your pets need to head out into the cold air outside.

How you ask? With a weather-sealed PET DOOR of course! These doors flaunt stunning pet-parent reviews, warranties and styles. They’re also all the rage and a great product to end our pet winter warmers’ list with.

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  1. Hi
    Please send me a quote for the dry pet shampoo. Also looking for a jersey for my 35kg bull terrier

    • Hi Helen, thank you so much for getting in touch. Our rinse-free shampoos start off at R93 (link in article showcases our dry shampoo range). As for the jersey, please do get in touch with our fabulous customer care team via our live chat, to help you find the perfect fit for your beautiful Bull Terrier. Hope this helps :).

    • Hi Mary, thank you for your interest in our blanket drive. Please head over to our homepage and click on the donation banner, or alternatively head over to the blanket tab and click on the donate a blanket product, or feel free to give our stupendous customer care a call 🙂 .

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