How To Care For Small Pets: Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you’re the pet-parent to a fish, ferret, parrot, dog or cat — there’s no denying there’s never a shortage of pet myths out there. So here’s the REAL deal on how to care for small pets.


When we think of rabbits, we think carrots … am I right? But even Bugs Bunny will tell you they need so much more than that.

They need FIBER, and I cannot stress this enough. LONG STEM, DANDELION to TIMOTHY hay are great sources of fiber you can look into getting.

It’s of course just as important to give them green, leafy vegetables, such as herbs, watercress, cucumbers, sprouts and lettuce (except iceberg lettuce né).

In regards to entertainment — like all animals, humans included — being bored is the absolute worst! Keep your rabbits mentally stimulated with interactive TOYS, or something to gnaw and chew on.

TIP — Rabbits don’t like to have their cages rearranged once they are settled in. So best you spring clean the linen closet instead.


If your guinea pig hasn’t said “lettuce be friends” yet, you’re doing something wrong.

Just like bunnies, constant access to hay is vital. Feeding leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, parsley, kale and coriander is the way to go.

Remember, guinea pigs can’t produce their own Vitamin C … bummer right? So pop some Vita-C loaded veggies like red pepper, broccoli, tomatoes OR some Vitamin-C-rich MINT NUGGETS in their diet.

Apples, oranges, blueberries or bananas, once a day / a few times a week make for great treats. And what also makes for a stupendous treat is floor space — A LOT OF IT.

If they’re in a cage, be sure it’s a BIG one. Again, boredom is bad, so throw some tunnels for them to hide in, and LOGS for them to gnaw on into the mix.

I know what you’re thinking. Can my guinea pig fall victim to knits, knots, mats and tangles? They sure can, so get on that with this GROOMING SET.


It goes without saying — our ravishing rats and handsome hamsters benefit IMMENSELY from eating a variety of vegetables and fruits like apples, grapes, broccoli, potatoes, peas and carrots (in teensy-weensy portions though).

Feeding them a nutritionally balanced RAT / HAMSTER diet is of course crucial too. Avoid human junk food, sugary treats, raw potatoes, raw beans, cabbage, brussels sprouts, green bananas and poppy seeds though — hmm kay. 

They also don’t HAVE to play hide-and-SQUEAK all day, because exposure to direct sunlight for short periods is GOLDEN.

Puns aside though — make sure their BEDDING is on fleek, as building nests and maintaining a high body temp is 100% their thang. Hamsters LOVE and NEED places to bury, dig, hide and CLIMB as well.

Also don’t forget to get those hamster-limbs moving with an exercise WHEEL or BALL.

Full circle back to games like hide-and-SQEAK, if they’re in the mood, this LABYRINTH is all the rage.

TIP — A tasty mix of seeds, beans, or a cereal mix that includes mealworms for animal protein are fabulous choices as hamster treats.


Ok, let’s talk diet. A chinchilla’s diet should be made up of like 90% high-quality grass hay and this should be available at all times. Full stop.

Pellets should be plain, hay-based pellets and measured out daily (about 1–2 tablespoons per day). A bag of BURGESS is stellar.

They can have small amounts of fresh treats like dried rose hips, dried dandelion, rosemary and parsley (avoid sugary commercial treats).

ALSO provide them with fresh water (daily … obviously), preferably in a BOTTLE

In regards to décor, you can’t go wrong with blocks of wood, perches or ladders, because these creatures are uber active, LOVE TO CLIMB and enjoy the occasional nibble, gnaw and chew too.

Don’t forget DUST BATHS, as it forms part of their natural behaviour and is vital for coat maintenance né.

TIP — NEVER get a chinchilla’s body even a little bit wet, as their fur can become tightly compacted, creating an uncomfortable mass that can lead to fungal infections!

How To Care For Small Pets: SUMMARY

Being a pet-parent means providing your four-legged children with the best products you can afford.

FRESH water must always be available; and mental stimulation is JUST as important as physical exercise.

LOVE them, cherish and voilà.

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