How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Those Frightful Fireworks

FIREWORKS can be the worst! So here are our top tips and products to help keep your pets safe during fireworks, thunderstorms and other inevitable festivities too.

Here are our top tips and products to help keep your pets safe and calm during those inevitable festivities and frightful fireworks.


1. Consider investing in a PET DOOR that can lock.

2. Soft DOG and CAT toys that are safe to use, chuck and throw indoors will help to keep your pets distracted.

3. Having a POOP BAG on standby for an accidental wee-wee / poopie is NEVER a bad idea.

4. Soft PET BLANKETS, exciting CAT WANDS and mentally stimulating DOG PUZZLES are magnificent investments too.

5. THUNDERSHIRTS are the DRUG-FREE alternatives to help reduce your pets’ anxiety during stressful events. They’re 100% stylish and boast an 80% success rate. Otherwise you may always browse our range of DOG and CAT calming products.

ALWAYS check with your vet FIRST what medications your pet CAN and CANNOT take though; and ALWAYS follow your vet’s instructions – because OVERDOSING CAN KILL.

6. Make sure your pet has comfort food and treats to snack on. Why not have a look at our mouth-watering DOG and CAT wet food, along with our range of DOG and CAT lip-smacking treats.

7. Remember to check that their water bowls are filled with fresh water. WATER FOUNTAINS of course flaunt that constant stream of crispy crisp water on tap nè – just throwing it out there.

8. Make an effort to help provide your pets with a chance of returning home by HAVING THEM MICROCHIPPED. A strong and durable ID TAG is also a GREAT idea.

9. And last, but by far not least – the RELAXOPET is the ultimate game changer. It releases vibrations for deep relaxation and is absolutely ideal during thunderstorms, fireworks, travelling, vet visits and so much more.

For more info on how to keep your pets safe during fireworks and thunderstorms – CLICK HERE.

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