How To Make Smarter Choices For Your Pet’s Health

Here are 6 ways to help you make smarter choices for your pet’s health, because not only is prevention better than cure — but how awful would it be if your pet were to fall ill due to misinformation on your part.



As the famous saying goes, you are what you eat. So having your pets feast on age-appropriate and PREMIUM food is just NEVER a bad idea.

Because it’s truly important to bear in mind — your pet’s dietary needs change from birth to adolescence to adulthood (just like humans né).

Talk to your vet about you pet’s needs, as large breed pups have different requirements than small breed pups, guinea pigs can’t produce their own Vitamin C (meaning scurvy is a thing) and so on and so forth. Knowing what your pet NEEDS from a diet makes it easier for you as a pet-parent to provide it.



Look, if your pet’s pearly whites aren’t properly cared for, it could lead to grievous consequences and there’s just no use beating around the bush about it.

One of the smarter choices you can make for your pet’s health, is to take your dog / cat for a dental check up at your trusted vet, ATLEAST once a year. NOT going ever though means dragon breath could potentially be the least of your worries.

A regular brush honestly goes such a long way as well and is fabulous to help prevent oral nightmares. Consider investing in dental diets, dental treats, dental WIPES, dental SUPPLEMENTS and dental toys. ALL of these help keep teeth trolls at bay.

SMALL PET moms and dads NEED to ensure their tiny tots have something to nibble on ALWAYS. Gnawing helps maintain dental health and is absolutely VITAL for their mental health too!



Of course it goes without saying — ticks, fleas and intestinal parasites are super gross, bleh! BUT as I’m sure you know, they can cause severe discomfort and/or life-threatening illnesses.

By continuing with those monthly preventative treatments throughout the entire year (along with using an ENVIRONMENT SPRAY), winning the war is absolutely doable!



This one should be a no-brainer.

Take your dog for a walk at the park or in the garden. Provide your cats with an open window to explore the great outdoors or bust out some interactive toys to get those kitty limbs moving. Treat your small pets to exercise wheels, balls, tunnels and/or OBSTACLES for them to climb on.



YES YES and YES. Taking your pet for a check-up is absolute GOLD. Taking them twice a year is PLATINUM … enough said.



Of course you need to groom your dogs, cats and small pets tralalala, BUT calling all cat-parents — grooming your cat is vital!

It helps prevent hairballs and remember, hairballs can actually lead to intestinal blockages and other serious health issues for your cat.


I hope these tip shine some light on how to make smarter choices for your pet’s health. It’s absolutely crucial we ensure they’re living their best lives, because they really do help us live ours.

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