The Pros and Cons of Pet Insurance for Puppy Owners

You just got your puppy, and now you’re asking big questions, like: Is pet insurance really worth it? Well, we’ve done all the grunt work so you don’t have to.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting pet insurance.  

What is pet insurance?

Much like your own medical insurance or aid, pet insurance is that super hero that swoops in whenever there’s a pet emergency. You may have costs covered for those early days’ vaccinations, but what happens when your puppy gets sick or ill?

Getting is there to make sure you don’t break the bank while aiding your best fur-iend. The sad reality is that life is uncertain, and accidents are unfortunately a reality that you have to face.

Many owners cannot afford the costs that come along with ailing a pet in need. This often ends in them sadly having to opt for euthanisation.

This is where pet insurance comes in, acting as a safety net that you can fall back on when a crisis hits.

How do pet insurance policies work?

These policies work the same way as your insurance does. Basically, when you take an insurance policy out on your puppy, you’re leaving all those costly medical expenses to your insurer to cover.

This means that if your little fur ball needs surgery, gets ill or has an expensive procedure that needs to be paid, the insurance company has got you covered.

Is pet insurance worth it? Here are the pros

Your puppy’s life trumps your bank account every time

The thing about pet insurance is that it’s there to cover all the unexpected events in life. For example, you may have put your pup on the best premium puppy food there is. 

What you don’t account for is that puppies don’t just eat things when they’re hungry. They also explore all kinds of objects with their mouths.

Just one accidental taste of your shoe laces or earrings could lead to a bowel obstruction procedure. This is a costly surgery that could add up to R15 000. An expense that was likely not in your budget for that month.

Luckily, because you’re with a great insurance company, they’ll cover the majority of the costs—and you won’t have to break the bank to see your puppy on all fours again.

Billing comes easy

Depending on the plan you’re on, you will normally pay a monthly fee that is debited from your bank account.

In terms of claims, when you take your puppy to the vet, you will pay the costs upfront and then file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed.

With other insurance companies, you can also be immediately paid before you see the vet so you don’t have to spend any funds out of your own pocket.

You can go to any vet

Unlike some medical aids you may have experienced, pet insurance allows you to see any (pet) doctor of your choice. 

This means you don’t have to drive 50 kilometres to treat your pooch. You can just drive out to the vet that is closest to you to get your puppy in tip-top shape.

Of course, in choosing a vet for your puppy, make sure they are adequately licensed. Perhaps check the reviews to see if they’re a good fit for you and your best pal. 

Is pet insurance worth It? Here are the cons

You’re not 100% covered

The downside of pet insurance is that you don’t have 100% coverage in all regards. There are many pet insurance policies that only cover your puppy when there’s an accident or emergency. Similar to a hospital plan, this is the cheapest cover you’ll get for your pup.

If you want comprehensive coverage, then know that it comes with a price. The more extensive your coverage gets, the higher the cost. Certain plans also don’t cover hereditary or genetic disorders that are commonly found in certain dog breeds. For example, hip dysplasia in large breed canines like Labradors.

There are also limits as to what pet insurers will cover in terms of pre-existing conditions. For example, if you waited up until your pup was diagnosed with cancer to get pet insurance, it is unlikely that they’ll cover all the costs. 

Pet insurance can be expensive

If you have more than one pet, the costs will start adding up. Especially since you’re adding your puppy onto the insurance; it’s a guarantee that your monthly debit order will increase.

Added to that, you need to pay the best to get the best. So if you want full coverage for your fur baby, then you’ll have to pay up.

With that said, it’s important to remember that pet insurance is not about saving money. It’s about getting coverage for whatever life decides to throw at you. Think of it as a safety net. And do thorough research before deciding which pet insurance company to go with for your pup.

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