How can I keep my dog busy?

The COVID-19 pandemic saw most of us setting up virtual desks and office spaces in the comfort of our spare room, dining or living room and we traded corporate for comfort wear.

To the delight of our fur-kids we were home for extra cuddles and treats and at their every beck and call.

As restrictions have eased, many pet-parents are starting to head to the office more frequently. 

This may be exciting for us but not as exciting for our pets.

Help keep them busy and bust boredom and separation anxiety (if any) in its tracks with our top 6 tips below.

1 – Tire them out

Before heading out, grab some tug or fetch toys for a 15 minute “gooi” and fetch game in the garden, or go for a nice early morning walk or run.

This will tire your four-leggeds out and they will be sure to enjoy a lazy day snoozing until you get home.

2 – Leave the TV on for them 

Whether it’s MasterChef, Egoli or the Discovery Channel, leaving the TV on can be a distraction for your pets. They won’t be binge watching their favourite Netflix series but the flickering of images and the sound can alleviate boredom and keep them calm.

3 – Scavenger Hunts

Stash their favourite chewplush and treat toys around the house and garden each morning in the spots you know they will venture. Definitely hide some treats too!

This will keep them active, occupied and motivated throughout the day and will reward them with a yum treat once found. Bonus! Be sure to rotate their toys and treats to keep it interesting.

4 – SP-ICE up their day

Do you have any old ice cream / plastic containers lying around? Put them to use by freezing their fave toys and treats.

Simply pop them in the container, fill with water and freeze. The chillax toys are perfect for freezing too.

This will keep them cool, entertained and hydrated. The more they lick and the ice melts, the quicker their toys and treats will be available. A great option for teething puppies to gnaw on. 

5 – Keep your fur friend relaxed;

Calm and happy by leaving a worn/unwashed item of clothing or pillow case for them in their bed (not your Louis Vuitton tracksuit of course). The scent will allow them to settle down and snuggle up with a sense of of reassurance that their pet-parent is still close by. #sweetdreams. 

Another amazing product to consider is the thundershirt.   

Like swaddling a baby, it provides comfort by applying gentle and constant pressure which helps your pet with reassurance, fear and anxiety. 

6 – It’s not good-bye, it’s see you later

When the car keys and lunch box are in hand, focus on making your departure low–key.

Don’t make a big deal out of saying good-bye. Talk to them in a soft, calm voice. 

This will avoid getting them over excited and anxious. It’s also a good idea to greet them in the exact same manner when you return home. 

If your fur-baba is a nervous-nellie, consider looking at stress and anxiety products to help take the edge off.

These top tips aside, there are many product recommendations from toys, to treats and calming products that will keep your precious pet’s boredom at bay. 

Chat to our super helpful and knowledgeable customer care team for tips and recommendations. 

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  1. People can also consider doggie day care. I know of a few wonderful ones. But thx for these tips. Very interesting read.

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