Pet Gadgets For The 21st Century Pet-Parent To Own

If you love all things modern or enjoy the occasional electronic gimmick; do have a look at our innovative range of pet gadgets that every 21st century pet-parent simply must own.


This is the ultimate gadget to flaunt around town this year. The I’M GISMO HANDLE is suitable for dogs weighing up to 55kg; and has a secret poop bag dispenser. SAY WHAT? I know!


Then of course, when out and about, the BEVIQUI TRAVEL DOG DRINKING BOWL is all the rage. It fits on most water bottles; to provide your pet with fresh water after a run or on your way to the vet.


Did you know PET DRINKING FOUNTAINS help keep water clean, fresh and flowing all day long? Well they do. They also help reduce the risk of kidney problems and urinary tract infections. Ka pow pow.


Say hello to these INCREDIBLE SUREFLAP MICROCHIP CAT / SMALL DOG DOORS. Suitable for cats and small dogs with microchips/RFID tags, these futuristic pet doors prevent dodgy characters entering your home, thus eliminating pet havoc, anxiety and stress.

Installed with a curfew mode and fitter with manual locks, you can set the door to lock and unlock at specific times; and is especially grand to keep your pet safe indoors during fireworks, building, other potentially stressful situations or simply when they abuse their newly found freedom.


NOTE – the Pet Hub and Connect Door are sold separately, but both items need to be purchased for the full and very magical effect this innovative product was designed to deliver. 

PET HUB – download the Sure Petcare App onto your smartphone and connect this innovative product to your WiFi. Now you can lock / unlock your pet door with this device anytime from anywhere, receive notifications when your pet enters / exits your home, monitor long-term activity and notice changes in their behaviour. Bottomline? You can now stop calling Susan 24/7 to check if your cat has immigrated whilst you’re on holiday and/or rush home from work in a panic during those inevitable and unpredictable thunderstorms.

 CONNECT DOOR – without the hub, this fantastic pet door stops strange pets from entering your home with its microchip recognition software. BUT with the hub, it allows you to keep your pets safe, when you’re stuck in a super-duper long queue at the mall or 5PM traffic. All you have to do is click-click-click to lock that door. Worried about locking them out? Don’t be! Because you’ll receive notifications every time your pet enters / exits your home.


This state of the art MICROCHIP FEEDER is suitable for pets with microchips / RFID tags and is ideal for pets on weight management and/or other special diets to help ensure the food is consumed by the right pet and not by the family binge eater.

Fitted with a training setting and 3 different lid opening speed settings, boasting glorious global user reviews and a 3 year warranty. Did I even mention this futuristic bowl also keeps savage flies at bay? – well it does –  it’s just that stupendous.


This pet feeder is just everything – if you’re tired of throwing away expensive pet food that has gone stale, smelling pet food from dusk to dawn and/or just exhausted from protecting their food from verocious flies – then the SUREFEED MOTION ACTIVATED FEEDER is truly a great fit for your home.

This bowl’s lid automatically opens as your pet approaches (no microchips / RFID collar tags needed) and closes once they’re done feasting. It keeps pet food fresher for longer and also boasts 3 different lid opening settings, glorious global user reviews and a 2 year warranty.


Let’s get super real quickly – the POPPY DIGITAL FOOD MEASURING SCOOP is an absolute game-changer. It helps you quickly and conveniently measure or pet’s food, especially since maths isn’t everybody’s thang.

It can of course measure solid food, liquid food and water, as well as effortlessly switch between weighing units, so whether you prefer grams, cups, fluid ounces or just plain ounces, this tool has got your back!


4 pet gadgets

Ok, NOW we’re talking – these incredible inventions take grooming to a celestial level. From satisfaction distraction in the form of the AQUA PAW SLOW TREATER to washing both your and your dog’s troubles away with the AQUA PAW BATHING TOOL.

The 2-IN-1 BATH AND BRUSH helps you make the most of bath time and the easy-to-mount CATIT SELF-GROOMER allows your cat to take grooming into their own paws – just the way they like it.


4 pet gadgets

I know what you’re thinking, how do I get my hands on these PET PADS? Easy! Just click on the link, because they require NO electricity, water, wires or freezing; making them great for summer and your municipal bills.


4 pet gadgets

ZAKATZ FLOPPING FISH are interactive, innovative and incredible flopping fish for cats (but toats enjoyed by dogs too). They’re activated by touch to keep your pet entertained for hours on end.

FROLICAT BOLT LASER TOY is another stupendous toy for hours of entertainment and independent play. It also helps kitty shake off excess energy and rid themselves of boredom.

ELECTRONIC TIGER CAT TOY boasts natural feathers and a motion sensor that reacts to your cat’s movements to BOOM – pop up for the ultimate surprise and then SHHH hide to intrigue.


4 pet gadgets shown

HOORAY for days thanks to these ultra-modern inventions. From the SELF-CLEANING LITTER TRAY to the CATECO LITTER TRAY to help preserve your sanity.

Then of course there’s the LITTER LOCKER BIN. It helps keep smells away, because there’s truly nothing worse than throwing away a tea bag; and being whiplashed by the day before’s kitty poop odours. EEUW, no thanks né.

And last, but by far not least, the LITTER SCOOP may not boast batteries and NASA tech; but it gets the job done and FAST! So wave goodbye to aartappelresies when running to the bin with poop balanced like it’s an art on your scoop.

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  1. Good day

    Do you have a GPS tracker for cats?

    I cant seem to find them on the site.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Danny, thanks so much for getting in touch. We’re currently out of stock, but please do feel free to ask our customer care team-supreme about it.

  2. Do u hve any pet travel kits or things on a motorcycle or a bag , backpack they can go into to travel on a motorcycle

    • Thanks so much for getting in touch. Backpacks we have not, but we do have an incredible array of pet carriers to portable pet bowls. Please do feel free to ask our customer care team-supreme for more info.

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